Midjourney Made Easy

A Masterclass for AI Art Newbies

November 5, 2023

Virtual format (Zoom)


Artists, Entrepreneurs, Crafters, Marketers: Are You Ready to Dive into the World of AI Art with Midjourney?

Join our cozy masterclass — bring your laptop, your creativity, and let's get artsy together.

What you'll learn in this masterclass:


Master the Midjourney Basics

Learn the A-Z of Midjourney, how it melds with AI art generation, and why it’s a game-changer for various professionals.


Perfect Your Prompts

Get the inside scoop on creating compelling text prompts that yield stunning AI-generated results tailored to your vision.


Navigate Discord with Confidence

Familiarize yourself with the Midjourney interface and settings to ensure a smooth and user-friendly experience every time.


Enhance Your Creations

Experiment with advanced techniques, from creating mesmerizing cartoon like graphics to incorporating cinematic lighting effects.


Streamline Your Creative Process

Understand how Midjourney seamlessly fits into your creative workflow, optimizing concept generations, designs, and more.



Curated list of tools and platforms to bolster your AI art endeavors.


In order to get the most out of this class, you’ll need your laptop and a debit card with $10 available to create a midjourney account. 

About your Trainer

Meredith Hurston

Meredith Hurston is a creative at the intersection of art and artificial intelligence. With her tailored art classes, she guides attendees into the captivating world of AI-driven art creation. Participants are introduced to the nuances of the AI interface, eased through account setups, and given an extensive tour of the platform. A significant part of the curriculum delves into understanding the anatomy of prompts and commands used to style images, which are pivotal to the AI art generation process.

Beyond her educational endeavors, Meredith has carved out a niche for herself in the realm of AI artistry. She specializes in crafting bespoke images for clients using AI art generators, frequently rendering their likeness in unique and intriguing styles. Whether you’re a budding art enthusiast or an individual seeking personalized AI-rendered portraits, Meredith offers a thorough, enlightening and entertaining journey into this innovative art form.

Collage of AI Art designs by Meredith Hurston

Client Testimonial

I never thought I'd blend my designs with AI! After the Midjourney masterclass, I see endless possibilities. It's made me rethink my approach to projects. So helpful!


Digital Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note, here are the answers to a few important questions you may have.

In the event you register and are not able to attend the live class, the replay will be sent to you via email within 48 hours of the class ending. 

No. However, Midjourney requires a paid account to use their service. You will need to set up an account at their lowest tier of $10/mo in order to get the most out of this class. We will walk through account set up during masterclass.

There are no hidden fees for this course. 

You will receive:

2 hours of class time with our trainer, Meredith Hurston.

A digital copy of the masterclass workbook to follow along in class. 

A curated list of AI tools and resources. 

We accept debit/credit card (visa, mastercard, amex, discover), paypal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

We do not offer refunds. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the course material, please email us at [email protected] to discuss how we may satisfy the learning objectives with you. Our goal is to deliver on our promises.